Thank you for taking the time to stop by. My name is Jenifer, my husband's name is Francis, and our son's name is Anthony. Anthony was born in October of 2007. Since his birth I have been actively trying to change our ways and make us more green. This is the reason why Fancy Pants Bebe! was born. Along the journey I have taken a liking to creating cloth diapers as well as using them.  There is an abundance of information on cloth diapers and while I know a good amount on them I by no means would call myself an expert.  Cloth diapers can fit into anyone's lifestyle because there is such an abundance of styles. Hopefully at Fancy Pants Bebe! you find something that fits into your lifestyle.


At Fancy Pants Bebe!, our goal is to create personalized, handcrafted cloth diapers, inserts, and so much more for your babies and self. 

You can either choose an item or set from our selection as is, choose an item or set from our selection with your own desired color scheme*, or submit a custom order*.


*Please allow up to 5 business days for customer orders to be designed before shipping once payment has been received. Feel free to send a special request for faster service.